Lord Lovel

Jimmy Hutchison from Newburgh: On Autumn Harvest ah010: Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: Hurrah Boys Hurrah! Live from the Fife Traditional Singing Festival May 2010.

One of the most widely popular of the traditional ballads - known throughout the British Isles and in North America and with related ballads throughout Europe. It was often printed in popular ballad collections and on broadsides and it was a favourite ballad in the repertoire of both Jeannie Robertson and her daughter Lizzie Higgins. Child has 10 texts and Bronson has over 70 texts with tunes and the Greig Duncan Folk Song Collection has seven texts with tunes (Child 75, GD 6.1232, Roud 48).

1: Lord Lovel he stood at his stable door,
He was clapping his milk-white steed,
And by there cam Lady Nancy Belle,
A-wishing her lover God speed,
A-wishing her lover God speed.

2: "Oh whaur are ye gaun Lord Lovel?" she said,
"Oh whaur are ye goin?" said she.
"I'm goin awa tae fair England,
Fair countries for tae see,
Fair countries for tae see."

3: "When will ye come back Lord Lovel," she said,
"When will ye come back tae me?"
"In a year or twa or three at the maist,
I'll return tae you Nancy,
I'll return tae you Nancy."

4: But he hadna been gane a year or a day,
Strange countries for tae see;
When languishing thochts come intae his mind,
Lady Nancy Belle tae see,
Lady Nancy Belle tae see.

5: So he's turned aroond his high horse heid,
And he's rade tae fair London town,
And in aside St Pancras churchyaird,
The people were standing round,
The people were standing round.

6: "Oh what is the matter, Lord Lovel he said,
Oh what is the matter cried he?"
"Oh a lady has died," an old woman replied,
"And they called he Lady Nancy,
Aye, they called her Lady Nancy."

7: Lady Nancy she died as it had been the day,
Lord Lovel he died as tomorrow,
Lady Nancy she died o pure, pure grief,
Lord Lovel he died o sorrow,
Lord Lovel he died o sorrow.

8: Lady Nancy was laid in the auld churchyaird,
Lord Lovel was laid in the choir,
And oot o her breist there grew a red rose,
And oot o his a briar,
Aye, and oot o his a briar.

9: Noo they grew and they grew tae the auld steeple top
Till they could grow no higher,
And there they entwined in a true-love's knot,
The rose among the briar,
The rose among the briar.

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