Erin go Bragh

Jimmy Hutchison: On Autumn Harvest ah08: Old Songs & Bothy Ballads: There's Bound to be a Row. Recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival May 2009.

A Highlander is mistaken for an Irish immigrant and mistreated by an Edinburgh policeman of the mid 1800s. One of Jimmy's favourites that he learned in the early 60s from Scots singer Enoch Kent when both were regulars at the Singer's Club in London run by Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger.

1: Oh ma name's Duncan Campbell fae the shire o Argyll,
I've travelled this country for mony's the mile;
I've travelled through England through Ireland an aa,
And the name that I go by is Erin go Bragh.

2: Ae nicht in Auld Reekie I chancit tae meet,
A saucy policeman patrollin his beat;
He's glowered in ma face and he gied me sic jaw,
Sayin, "When cam ye over, bold Erin go Bragh?"

3: "Oh I'm no a Paddy though Ireland I've been,
And I'm no a Paddy though Ireland I've seen;
But if I was a Paddy sure it's naethin ava,
For there's many's the bold hero fae Erin go Bragh."

4: "Ach, I know ye're a Pat by the cut of your hair,
Ye've aa turned tae Scotsmen as soon as ye're here;
Ye've left your ain country for brakin the law,
And ye're seasoned auld stragglers frae Erin go Bragh."

5: "Ach, if I were a Paddy and you knew it was true,
If I was the Devil, pray what's it tae you?
If it wisnae for the baton ye hold in your paw,
Sure I'd show ye a game played in Erin go Bragh."

6: So a switch o blackthorn I held in my fist,
Around his big body I made it tae twist;
And the blood frae his napper I quickly did draw,
And I paid him stock and interest for Erin go Bragh.

7: But the people cam aroond like a flock o wild geese,
Saying, "Stop, stop that rascal, he'll kill our police."
For every friend I had I'm sure he had twa,
They were very hard times for bold Erin go Bragh."

8: So I made for a boatie that sailed on the Forth,
I've rowed up my bundle and steered for the North;
"Farweel tae Auld Reekie, policemen and aa,
And the Devil gang wi ye," says Erin go Bragh.

9: So come aa ye young fellows who listen tae ma sang,
Noo I don't give a farthing tae where ye come from;
For I'm fae Argyll in the Hielands sae braw,
But I'll ne'er tak it ill when cried Erin go Bragh.

Erin go Bragh = Ireland for Ever

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