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This is the third collection of Old Songs and Bothy Ballads recorded at the Fife Traditional Singing Festival - the annual gathering of traditional singers that takes place at Collessie in the Howe of Fife - in the heart of the ancient Kingdom of Fife. These recordings were made in May 2006. Traditional songs include the beautiful Bonnie Glenshee, the ancient ballad The Beggar Man and the humourous song of The Brundenlaws.

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The album features twelve different singers, opening with a superb rendition of the famous north east bothy ballad The Barnyards o Delgaty sung by Gordon Easton - seen in full flight in the cover photo. Special overseas guest Anita Best was brought up in one of the fishing outports of Newfoundland and sngs three songs from her local tradition including a Newfoundland version of an ancient traditional ballad The Bonnie Banks of Fordie still known in Scotland. Other singers include Bob Blair from Glasgow, Maureen Jelks from Dundee, Geordie Murison from Stonehaven, Ellen Mitchell from Glasgow, Ron Bissett from Falkland, Margaret Spiers from Turriff, Duncan Williamson from Ladybank, Hamish Grant from Cupar, Susan McClure from Glasgow and Henry Douglas from Hawick.

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Track List:
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1: Barnyards o Delgaty : 4.09 Gordon Easton
2: In Bristol there lived a Fair Damsel : 3.51 Anita Best
3: The Collier Laddie : 6.12 Bob Blair
4: Bonnie Susie Cleland : 6.40 Maureen Jelks
5: Atween Stanehive and Laurenkirk : 2.51 Geordie Murison
6: Young Johnstone : 6.19 Ellen Mitchell
7: The Bonnie Banks of Fordie : 4.03 Anita Best
8: Amang the Neeps and the Barley : 2.22 Ron Bissett
9: A Fair Maid in her Garden Walking : 4.02 Margaret Spiers
10: Briggie's Gerse Park : 3.42 Gordon Easton
11: John Barleycorn : 3.53 Duncan Williamson
12: The Union from St John's : 4.48 Anita Best
13: The Lassie and the Butcher : 4.02 Hamish Grant
14: Traiveller's Joy : 6.18 Susan McClure
15: The Beggar Man : 5.14 Gordon Easton
16: The Brundenlaws : 3.59 Henry Douglas
17: Bonnie Glenshee : 4.15 Maureen Jelks

Recorded by Tom Spiers.
Design by Peter Shepheard.
Photo by Graham Brotherston.
Copyright in all songs is traditional arranged by the singer except where noted while copyright in the recordings is reserved to the East of Scotland Traditional Song Group and Autumn Harvest Recordings.

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