The Bonnie Wee Lassie That Never Said No

On Springthyme SPRCD 1043
Shepheard, Spiers & Watson: Over the High Hills

Tom Spiers: A song that Tom remembers from Jeannie Robertson's repertoire - but set to a different tune. A young man meets in with a young woman who says she is “the lassie that never said no!” The song is also found in Northern Ireland. (Roud 2903)

Tom (lead vocal and fiddle) with Arthur (whistle) and Pete (diddle on last instrumental)

1: Well I’ve cam tae a cross faar I met a wee lass,
Says, I, "Ma wee lass are ye willin tae go?"
She says, "Sir I will, for the share o a gill,
For it’s I’m the wee lassie that niver said no."

2: Sae we’ve gaen tae an alehouse and straicht up tae bed,
We niver did rise till the cock it did crow;
Then it’s gless efter gless I did merrily toss,
Wi the bonnie wee lassie that niver said no.

3: Then the landlady’s opened the door an cam in,
She’s lifted a gless and said wi a smile,
"Here’s a health tae the lad faas brocht in this lass,
Here’s a health tae the lass that can jig it in style."

4: "Go and bring us mair liquor," the lassie she said.
They’ve brocht in jugs and bottles a-new,
Then it’s glass efter glass I did merrily toss,
Till the lass and the landlady filled themsels fou.

5: "O look intae yer pocket," the landlady said,
"Ye owe me twa shillins tae pey for yer bed,
And for layin her doon ye owe me a croon,
O look intae yer pocket," the landlady said.

6: I’ve pit a pound in her pocket but five I’ve taen oot,
And I thocht tae myself I will bundle and go;
Well I bid her goodbye but she’s made nae reply,
The bonnie wee lassie that niver said no.

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