Rovin Eye/ Castlegate

On Springthyme SPRCD 1043
Shepheard, Spiers & Watson: Over the High Hills

Arthur Watson: An ever popular traditional song of a young ploughboy who goes to town on a spree and falls into a scrape with a young woman. Most versions of the song refer to the Overgate and the Beefcan Close in Dundee but here the song is claimed by Aberdeen's Castlegate and the nearby Peacock's Close - a place that retained its reputation as a place of ill-repute till recent times (Roud 866).

Arthur (lead vocal) with Tom (fiddle and vocal) and Pete (vocal)

1: As I gaed ower the Castlegate,
I met in wi a bonnie wee lass;
She looked at me fae the tail o her ee,
As I gaed walkin past.

Wi ma rovin eye, Right fa laddie,
Right fa laddie, Toura lye.

2: I've askit her tae gyang wi me,
And tak a drappie wine;
And as we baith walked doun the street,
She's linked her airm in mine.

3: I've gaen up tae her sittin room,
A bittie ower the burn;
It's true fit Rabbie Burn's said,
That a man wis made tae murn.

4: Wi mutton pies and porter,
Wi whisky wine an beer;
An I swear she ate an drunk as muckle,
As I wad at a guid New Year.

5: I've askit her fit wis her name,
She says, Jemima Rose,
Ans she's bidin in a lodgin hoose,
At the fit o Peacock Close.

6: I've askit her, her landlady's name,
She says it wis Mistress Bruce;
An wi that, she's invited me,
Tae come tae the lodgin hoose.

7: As we gaed up that windin stair,
The wyes bein lang an dark;
I've slipped ma money fae ma inside pooch,
An I tied it tae the tail o ma sark.

8: We scarcely had got up the stair,
Fen she taen me tae a room;
An there we pulled a bottle oot,
An it's there that we baith sat doun.

9: She askit me tae tak a drink,
She fillt a flowin gless:
She looked at me fae the tail o her ee,
"Plooman laddie, dae your best."

10: But in cam twa policemen,
They've took me be the heid o the hair,
An they've gien me a dose o the whirly jigs,
In ma sark tail doon the stair.

11: It's aa nicht lang I dreamt I wis lyin,
In the airms o Jemima Rose,
But fen I awoke I wis lyin in ma sark,
At the fit o Peacock Close.

12: Oh she stole fae me ma watch an chain,
Ma speuchan and ma purse;
But I stole fae her her maidenheid,
And that's a damn sicht worse.
[speuchan - tobacco pouch

13: So come aa ye jolly plooman lads,
That gyang oot for a lark,
An mind on the money in yer inside pooch,
If the wyes be lang an dark.

Wi ma rovin eye, right fa laddie,
Right fa laddie, toura lye,
Wi ma rovin eye, fal a doo a dye
Wi ma rovin eye, dum dairy, wi ma rovin eye.

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