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About the Scots Language

The Scots Language: History & Development
History of the Scots Language The evolution of Scots from Old Northumbrian, Anglian and Old English. Place names as evidence of migration, settlement and language.

The Scots Language: The Living Tongue
The Scots Language Over 30 pages of information on aspects of the Scots tongue.
Dialect maps showing the regional distribution of dialects of Scots and English:
Dialects of Scots and Dialects of English (in jpg fotmat).

The Dictionary of the Scots Language
About the Scots Language Dictionary The Scottish National Dictionary (SND) and the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST).

Development of the Scots Language
The characteristics and History of Older Scots up to 1700
Scots vocabulary and the roots of Scots words: Scottish Spelling/ Orthography
Spelling and pronunciation in Older Scots: Orthography of Older Scots
Grammar changes in the development of Scots: Grammar of Older Scots

Online access to the Scots Dictionaries
For a word search just go to Scots Words and type in any word into the text box and press return and you will find you are deep into the online Dictionary of the Scots Language.

You will find many Scots words used in the songs and ballads on the Springthyme Records website and the dictionary can be accessed direct from other pages on the site.

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