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Sun 6 Nov 2005

Shepheard, Spiers and Watson


They Smiled As We Cam In
Springthyme SPRCD1042, £12.99

Instrumental music only recently drowned out song in the Scots tradition. Carrying those songs on for younger generations was the business of one of the great Scottish folk groups - The Gaugers, from the singing heartland of the north-east.

Now, years after the death of founder Peter Hall, the other two originals have teamed up with singer, melodeon player, folklorist and record producer Pete Shepheard to carry on championing the cause.

Simple, powerful and effective fiddle, whistle and box are used to underscore three big voices as they revel in a colourful, broad sweep of Scots song. Fifteen songs, copious sleeve notes and all the texts - it's refreshingly real and nourishingly organic.

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