Jim Reid & John Huband

Freewheeling Now

sprcd 1030

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Jim Reid had been leader of Arbroath’s legendary Foundry Bar Band for more than ten years when he recorded this album in 1990 and, with the band, he had already recorded three highly successful albums. The title track Freewheeling Now is one of Jim’s own compositions. Other songs include traditional favourites O Gin I Were a Baron’s Heir and the Dundee whaling song The Balaena, Mary Brooksbank’s famous Jute Mill Song.

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Oh Dear Me/ The Jute Mill Song

Freewheeling Now

Oh Dear Me/ Jute Mill Song
or Freewheeling Now
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Jim Reid's solo album I Saw the Wild Geese Flee, first issued in 1984, established him as one of the country’s finest interpreters of Scottish song - a position finally recognised when he won the Scots Singer of the Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards in December 2005. For this, his second song album, Jim teamed up with the well-known Dundee accordionist John Huband.

Track List:
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1 HEY DONALD (Mary Brooksbank) 2.00
2 WHAR THE DICHTY RINS (James Lowe/ Jim Reid) 3.03
3 QUEER FOWK (trad arr Jim Reid) 2.20
4 CRUACHAN BEN (Patrick MacIntyre/ Jim Reid) 3.48
5 O GIN I WERE A BARON’S HEIR (Wm Holder arr Jim Reid) 3.50
6 THE GREAT STORM IS OVER (Bob Franke) 3.08
7 MUSIC ON HIS MIND (Jim Reid) 2.16
8 BACK IN SCOTLAND (Jim Reid) 3.36
9 THE BALAENA (trad arr Jim Reid) 3.26
10 AN T-EILEAN MUILEACH (Dugald MacPhail/ Jim Reid) 3.39
11 THE LASSIE O THE MORNING (Jack Foley) 3.53
12 THE MOOTHIE MAN (John Huband/ Jim Reid) 2.26
13 OH DEAR ME / THE JUTE MILL SONG (Mary Brooksbank) 3.07
14 SCATTERED (Eliza Duthie/ Jim Reid) 4.20
16 THE AULD BEECH TREE (Jim Reid) 2.57
17 FREEWHEELING NOW (Jim Reid) 3.53

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