On Springthyme SPRCD 1029
Billy Ross & John Martin - Braes of Lochiel

Billy Ross: vocal, guitar; John Martin: fiddle

This powerful symbolic song was written by the late Dominic Behan in praise of Parnell, the nineteenth century Irish nationalist politician, Protestant landowner and leader of the Irish Land League. Charles Stuart Parnell was born at Avondale House, County Wicklow in 1846. The lead set by Parnell and Michael Davitt in Ireland did much to stimulate the struggle for land reform in the Scottish Highlands. Billy learned the song many years ago from the fine Irish singer Al O'Donnell.

1: Oh have you been to Avondale
And wandered in her lovely vale,
Where tall trees whisper low
The tale of Avondale's proud eagle.

2: Where fame and ancient glory fade,
Such was the land where he was laid,
Like Christ was forty pieces paid,
For Avondale's proud eagle.

3: Long years this green and lovely vale,
Has nursed Parnell our grandest Gael,
And cursed the land that has betrayed,
Fair Avondale's proud eagle.

4: Oh have you been to Avondale,
And wandered in her lovely vale,
Where tall trees whisper low the tale,
Of Avondale's proud eagle.

Words and music by Dominic Behan/ Coda Music Ltd.
Springthyme Music © 1990