On Springthyme SPRCD 1029
Billy Ross & John Martin - Braes of Lochiel

Billy Ross: vocals, guita; John Martin: viola, whistle, cello

'At close of day my thoughts they stray to a lass from Erin's Isle.' Billy Ross's own composition of youthful love.

1: Two summers now are passed and gone and you're still on my mind
October winds return again and play upon the wynd
And I long for sweet contentment that lingers for a while
And at close of day my thoughts they stray to a Lass from Erin's Isle.

2: And fondly I remember the spring when love was young
We walked the road together and Scorry's woods among
With the flowers blooming bonnie as the beauty of your smile
But none so rare or would compare with a Lass from Erin's Isle.

3: I've seen this country over and I've roved from town to town
And I've taken of life's pleasures when easy they were found
But if in dreams I'd wander that fortune on me'd smile
At close of day I'd sail away with a lass from Erin's Isle.

4: But weary grows the rambling man when days of youth are gone
And long the road that leads to home when roving days are done
But I'll return to Glasgow town though many is the mile
And there I'd lay me down again with a Lass from Erin's Isle.
Words and music by Billy Ross
Springthyme Music © 1990