Billy Ross & John Martin

Braes of Lochiel

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Billy Ross and John Martin are two founder members of OSSIAN and released several highly acclaimed albums with the band. This album of songs and music is the first to bring them together as a duo. John Martin was also a member of the innovative Edinburgh based band Easy Club and he now tours regularly as a member of the Tannahill Weavers. Billy Ross now lives in Skye, plays solo and with other members of OSSIAN and appears at concerts, festivals and on radio and TV.

The Hut on Staffin Island/ The Lone Bush

Song: Avondale

The Hut On Staffin Island: The Lone Bush
or Avondale
on springthyme/ SoundCloud

Artistes: Billy Ross: vocals, guitar, dulcimer; John Martin: fiddes, cello, whistle, bodhran, viola & vocals

Track List:
For full song texts, click on a song title
1: The Hut on Staffin Island/ The Lone Bush : 2.44
2: The Smith's a Gallant Fireman : 3.06
3: The Battle o Sheriffmuir : 3.01
4: Dheanainn SŁgradh : 3.08
5: The Lass from Erin's Isle : 1.15
6: Dr McInnes' Fancy/ Lexy Macaskill : 3.41
7: Avondale : 3.28
8: Scandinavian Polkas : 3.40
9: The Bold Navvy Man : 3.05
10: Braighe Loch Iall or Braes of Lochiel : 3.17
11: James F Dickie/ Jenny Dang the Weaver/ Malcolm the Tailor/ John Keith Laing : 3.21
12: The Auld Meal Mill : 3.02

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